Monday, September 29, 2008

A Blessing

I am so excited to report that we got some really great news today. Matt was offered the assistant manager position for Big Lots! He will start next month with two weeks in Oklahoma City for training. This could not have come at a better time. We were feeling a little blue but this was just the boost we needed. For a while I was wondering why we even went to college if
nothing was going to come of it, but now it actually feels worth it. Our degrees are beginning to work for us. This could be the upswing of our pendulum and I totally believe it's from God. I asked for patience regarding a completely different issue but it works for all the parts of my life. I really should ask God to help me with my trust issue. If I could learn to trust Him more I think I would have a few less blue periods.

Now for something completely different.
I am being forced by my work to take a vacation. While that in and of itself doesn't sound so bad here is the dilemma; I have an entire week off with NOTHING to do. Matt will have to work so he can't go anywhere with me so I am looking for things to do that have nothing to do with cleaning. I absolutely refuse to get paid to clean my house. I want something fun to do that doesn't mean I have to spend a lot of money. I know I will probably spend at least the first day cleaning but after that I'm through, no more is allowed. Otherwise I know I'll obsess about how clean everything isn't and drive Matt crazy! Suggestions may be submitted up until Oct. 27 (that's the start of my forced vacation. I would rather be at work!)

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Jayme said...


I DO have boxes that you could use. :) Just call me...and I promise to answer the phone this time (sorry I missed your call the other day) and we'll make a plan to get them to you. :)

Matt's job sounds like a good deal. I hope he loves it.