Sunday, September 14, 2008

Troubled Car

So on Friday morning my husband was on his way home in the rain and got stuck in the water that happened to flood Ridge road. It was fairly close to our house so he climbed out the window and walked home in the storm. Our car, the nicer one of the two we own, is now parked in front of our street with who knows what is wrong with it. We were originally thinking (and praying) that when it dried out it would be ok but so far it is looking not so good. We are starting to think it might be easier to sell the car for junk and deal with one for now. There is no way we can afford a car payment right now. The bright side to this is that with our schedules right now we would actually be fine with just the one car. It might be a little strained for the both of us but I choose to look at it as more time together.

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