Friday, September 12, 2008

Nightmare Moment

So my life is in a kind of limbo right now. We live in a four-plex building that I have really come to love. It has those weird little faults that I tend to overlook most of the time but overall I really like the life we have created here. The nightmare is that our building is being foreclosed on. The owner has not made his mortgage payments since May! I don't think he just forgot. We had a laywer show up and hand us a packet of court documents. We have called the the lawyer's office repeatedly and left messages but so far no one will call us back. I've also called our property management office and left messages there. I really REALLY want some one to call me back and tell me exactly what is going to happen. I talked with an expert and found out we most likely will be required to move. But without any formal instructions we have no options. I've been looking for a new place but if we move now it would be considered breaking our lease. We also have nothing in reserve to move on right now. I just hope we don't come home one day to find a notice that says we have 10 days to move. I'm sure somewhere in this situation there is a plan, I just have to find it.

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Jayme said...

Oh my goodness...that IS a nightmare moment!!!!!!!!!! That is incredibly stressful...

...keep me posted on how things are going...and if we can help in any way...let us know!