Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I've come to realize that I can smell EVERYTHING! This does not mean I suddenly realized that I have a nose. Nope - it means ever since the day we brought Anna home I've had a super sense of smell. I can smell when the kitchen trash needs taken out from the back of our house. I can smell the fruit tree outside the front our house and the fact that the fruit is now rotten. I can smell when Anna needs changed from across the room. I would say this is a blessing except for when Anna needs her diaper changed! That one is the worst. I walk in the door from work and guess what hits me in the face? I thought maybe I was just the best mom ever and had a special connection with Anna that made me really look at her face and know what she needs. No - just a super nose. That is the worst superhero power I've ever heard of! Maybe some other mom out there has a super sense of hearing and we could combine our powers to be the best super mom in the world. Or maybe I'll just buy nose-plugs!


Rachel O said...

I feel the SAME way. I wonder if maybe the heightened sense of smell that comes with pregnancy never went away.

Our new house had NASTY old carpet and I swear I can smell dog pee. Dirk can't smell a thing, but I CAN AND IT'S SO GROSS!!!

Sara Proctor said...

Rachel- I'm glad it's not just me! I didn't have to bad a time while I was pregnant but now I've gone into hyper-smell mode.

And Matt can't smell a thing either:)