Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Good Smile!

I got Anna's six month pictures done today and she was sooooo good. I was very afraid she would be overly tired or have a teething episode or be too hungry or one of a million other things would happen that would keep her from smiling. But our photographer was super and really seemed to put Anna at ease. And I asked Grandma to come with us so that Anna would have another friendly face to look at. If she wasn't looking at me then she was at Grandma and we got some really beautiful pictures. And of course I could not make up my mind between two dresses so they let me do a wardrobe change on Anna and took pictures in both dresses. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Dress Number 1
Dress Number 2

This little angel could not take a bad picture. She was so happy and even put up with her head-band! These are going up on the wall of Anna:)

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Lacie and Stephen said...

I think she looks like her Mamma! Just beautiful!!