Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Happy Girl

My Anna is just about six months old and is really starting to show what a wonderful personality she has. She has some favorites toys that she just loves to yell at which is so funny! She really gives it to them. Then she will turn around and snuggle so sweetly with us that I'm just sure I have an angel for a daughter.

She's learning to move on her own now and I love to watch her figure things out. She turns over whenever she wants and is trying so hard to crawl. Pretty soon she will be all over the house exploring her new world.

The other side of her is the demon that comes from teething. Anna has her two bottom teeth and while her smile is taking on a new life I could do without the constant screaming. The last couple days have brought a relief now that the teeth are through but we still have a whole mouth to go! I know it's not her fault and it really could be much worse but oh how tired I am.

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