Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Stuff

I had NO idea how much stuff there is for a baby. Not all of it is practical or even reasonable but it is advertized as absolutely required. There are some things that I would love to have but I know that the baby really will not miss out if I don't have it. Still, that doesn't stop me from wishing!

There are several items that I've been looking around for and I still cannot seem to find a good deal. Maybe what I consider a good deal is just not out there. I don't feel it's necessary to spend a fortune on things the baby is not going to use for very long. Garage sales have been very good, but we've mainly found clothes and blankets so far. Now I need some of the bigger items like a dresser, maybe even a dresser/changing table. A classic crib that's in good shape would be nice too.

In other news, we have an appointment to see a house in Cheney on Tuesday. Hopefully it is in good shape because it would be so easy to have our home be in Cheney. It's about half way between Matt's job and mine so neither of us would have to drive forever. It's still close to Wichita so getting the shopping done won't be that hard but we won't have to live in Wichita. It really seemed like all of the good neighborhoods were out of range and the ones we could afford were in the worst places. Cheney is super cute and I already know that I want the house there. Positive thinking goes a long way here!

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