Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Year Long Month

I can't believe it's been a full month since I've written anything. I think this has been the longest month of my life. I'm trying to think of all of the things that have happened, but they are all so blurry that it's really hard to separate them. Well, here goes:
1.) My grandpa's funural, of course.
2.) That same week my sister got married.
3.) Our place to live in fell through and so my family asked me to take over the care of my grandparents house.
4.) We moved to Augusta to care for said house.
5.) And now the holidays are before us.

That's a pretty good breakdown of what's been going on. We had the funural on Tuesday and on Thursday my sister got married. I'll talk about that for just a moment. I cannot describe this guy without making myself just sound seriously harsh. I guess I will just say I will never really think of him as family because he certainly doesn't act that way, and leave it at that.
Next, we had an apt. all lined up but they couldn't work with us on the move-in date and when we were given our eviction notice the new place was not ready for us. We had 72 hours to leave and no where to go. So I talked with my family and they said it would really be a blessing to have us move out to Augusta and take care of the house for my granny. So I did it. I packed up our house in two hours and my mom got me a moving company and I moved out to Augusta. All while Matt was in Oklahoma doing his training. I think I cried myself sick that day. Now I drive an hour to work and have the added responsibility of cleaning a house that has been sitting empty for six months. I used my very first vacation ever to clean. I've seen more dust than I ever want to again. And that brings me up to date and to the holidays. Should be fun.

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