Sunday, November 16, 2008

Country Living

We actually live about six miles outside of Augusta which puts us in the middle of nowhere. I'm not really sure I'm a country kind of person. There are bugs, HUGE ones, there are sounds, SCARY ones, and there are SMELLS!!! that I cannot deal with. I do not get along well with spiders and they are all over the house. BIG brown ones that move fast. Matt likes to joke that what I think of as big is gnat size, but even he has agreed that these spiders are escapees of some scientific lab that does experiments to enlarge ugly insects. One night we were watching a movie with the lights turned out and I was sitting in the recliner when I see this thing moving on the arm. Well, I scream and Matt jumps up and turns on the light and this spider as big as my fist is right next to me! I've never jumped that high or moved that fast but in this case I think I set a couple of records. My awesome friend gave me this really good bug spray to use and I really think it has helped. That and the colder weather maybe? But I don't care what it is as long as they leave me alone. Matt says that the bugs were there first but I contend that I'm here now so they need to leave.
Another thing I'm not doing to well with is the fact that we cannot get internet service out at the house without paying a huge cost for it. First the installation fee and then the monthly bill would just be absurdly high. I can't wait an entire month to check my email. I HATE it!!


Rachel O said...

We had a LOT of bugs in our last house, and I heard an old "wives tale" and tried it. Get some little paper plates and go find some crab apples (or horse apples those ugly green lumpy things.) They're all over in Kansas, just not here so we got some when I was at home.

Set one on the plate and put them in corners, behind furniture, etc. Something about them repels bugs. After a few months they shrivel up and turn brown, then you replace it with another one. (The plate keeps it from getting any goo on your carpet, but it doesn't leak much.)

It really helped with bugs!

Meshellyn said...

Bugs are disgusting and we've had our share of nasties in our house lately too. I second Rachel's suggestion for crabapples, they repel everything from spiders, to fleas, to ants. Handy little things! They also make sticky traps that you can lay on the floor, like under the corner of your sofa or under the sink, etc. and the bugs will crawl onto it and won't be able to get off and eventually die. They stay sticky for a long time too. Good luck!

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