Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Long Month

A little more sad news. My grandmother passed away this month. So my Wills grandparents are in heaven and I feel like a large part of my childhood is just gone, completely missing. Together they taught me so much and apart they taught me very different but equally wonderful things. I doubt I will ever meet someone so little but so strong like my granny. She was the short one in our family and she always teased us about being so tall. She would say "you lean down here and give me a good hug" but none of us grandchildren ever crossed her. I remember one time when I was about 10, I did not want to go to bed so I stalled with everything I had. Well, did she count to 3? NO, did she say my name in a warning tone? No, all she had to do was start to walk into the room and I knew I better get in that bed and be ready for my story and then it was time to sleep. That was the only time I ever tried to get my way with my granny.
She always had this amazing garden that produced the best tomatoes EVER! One summer I ate so many cherry tomatoes I broke out in hives. And for some reason I never minded getting up with the sun to go out and weed that huge country garden with her. It's from her that I found out how much fun it is to grow things and watch the beauty of nature around me.
It's strange how some of the littlest things will sneak up on me and make me remember some long forgotten tidbit about them.
They really were the best set of grandparents a child could have.

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Rachel O said...

I know exactly how you feel.

Grandpa Walker died in August and it really does feel like pieces of my childhood went with him. The holidays without him are very difficult.

I don't like it when life goes so fast. :(