Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review

So this is my year in a few short sentences per month.
January - I could not stop crying because it seemed like everyone, and I mean everyone, I ran into was pregnant. We had been trying to get pregnant since May '08 and I was so disappointed.

February - We finally found out the greatest news. I was pregnant and we could expect the baby in October.

March - We told our parents the good news and got to share with our friends and extended family how incredibly happy we were.

April - Matt and I both turned 25 and I tried my best to have a quarter-life crisis but just couldn't come up with anything good. We also moved out of the house in Augusta and moved in with Matt's parents so that he would be close to his new job.

May - I was just barely starting to show and had to start answering the same questions over and over every day. "When are you due?" "Do you know what you're having/are you going to find out?" (I heard these same questions for the rest of the summer!)

June - Our 5th wedding anniversary! It was a blast and we got to find out that we were having a baby girl. Most exciting day of the summer.

July - We moved, AGAIN, to our house in Cheney and tried to get things pretty well set up for the baby. I know, way early, but it was so much fun.

August and September - The longest months of my life!!!! The air-conditioning kept going out at work and I was already so hot alllllllll the time that this was honestly the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life.

October - My daughter arrived and proved that the best things are worth waiting for. She came into the world just perfect and is my super little angel.
November - The first holiday with my new baby. She slept right through it, but it was fun to know we had the new addition to the family.

December - Anna's first Christmas and it was FANTASTIC!! Of course she didn't know what was going on but again, it was so much fun with her here and picking out cute little presents for her. Both of our families went crazy over her and just showed us over and over how much they all love her. Well, that's my wrap up and what a wonderful year it has been. I have to go back to work on the 25th this month and the thought of it makes me sick. I know I won't be gone all that long from her but any amount of time that is not with my baby is just heartbreaking. I'm absolutely certain I will hate every minute away from her.

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Krystal said...

We will do all we can to help your transition back to work go smoothly, Mommy! :)