Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

Anna has really discovered her play mat and has taken to it with obvious delight. It has tons of toys that hang down to just the right level for her to bat at. It also has a mirror that Anna can check her hair in ( Well....not quite!) and a music box that she just loves. She kicks her feet almost in time to the music. So far she still hates tummy time on the mat but I think that will come along in time. For a kid that doesn't sleep anyway but on her stomach she sure doesn't like to play that way. She has been playing for a full 30 minutes this afternoon and Matt said she did 30 minutes this morning as well. That's a lot of play-time for a 3 month old!
Yesterday she played so hard she fell alseep right on the mat in the middle of a swing at one of the toys!
This is the one where Anna fell alseep right in the middle of playing!

She was squealing with laughter in this one!!
I was hiding the camera behind one of her toys so that when she would smile real big I could grab it without her giving me the 'I'm terrified of that gray thing in your hand' look!

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