Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time To Update :)

Things have been very busy for us but not for the obvious reasons. I haven't started any new projects because I have been so wiped out. On February 20 we found out we are expecting our baby!!!! We could not be more excited and anxious for Oct. 22 to get here. We had been trying for about eight months and it finally happened. I never realized how awfully tired I would be though. I am sleeping about nine hours a night and still I get home from work and all I can do is sit in the chair. I had about two weeks of upset stomach and now it's not too bad. I really only feel sick if I let myself get too hungry. As long as I eat healthy meals and a few snacks during the day I've felt just fine. I'm about nine weeks along and to me they are crawling by. I know it's because I'm looking forward to this awesome thing but still, I could wish they would go by just a little faster. I've gotten some really great advice from the mothers around me which I greatly appreciate. We are planning to tell our families, probably as I start the next trimester. That seems appropriate I guess.
We've been going over names already and a couple that we like are; Anna Grace or Robert Loyd. Actually I really like the boy name but I might have to let it grow on Matt for a while.
I bought the baby its' first outfit and I think it is so cute. It's just a little onsie with green words and a picture of a puple stroller. I figure when we find out what the baby is we can buy either green or purple pants to go with it and a cute little jacket (since it will be Oct. in Kansas, so COLD).
Now on to all the shopping that comes with a baby. I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!


Rachel O said...

Aw Sara that's awesome!

Congratulations! :)

Jayme said...

Squeal............!!!!!!!!!!! You are having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!


And you are close!!!!!!!! So I get to love on the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!